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A short film by April Holladay













The magical nostalgia of Las Vegas sparks its enchantment over present time.  
We are introduced to Miller and his Gamma, Diane. Miller (20’s) is a self-effacing guy with an electric current that ignites when the crash of love and desire intersect. 

Diane (80’s), Miller’s former Las Vegas showgirl Gamma, believes magic, meaning and true love can happen at any age.  Lisa (20’s), is a spitfire waitress for whom Miller longs. And, in the Firecracker Dance Studio, three former Las Vegas dancers (80’s) battle an aspiring male stripper (20’s) for rehearsal space but soon discover common ground in their search for affirmation. 

Over the course of one evening, the night becomes magic and love becomes electric.  

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For Diane and the Firecrackers, allure doesn’t have an expiration date. From tripping the light fantastic to pursuing love and romance they are willing to prove this to the world. Folly and fate illuminate as Diane pushes her grandson Miller to brave headlong into whimsy…a spark of what was and the voltaic current of what can be. 

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In a world brimming with disillusion and stark reality, can magic, love and significance still exist? 

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Margie Cookie



Under the beauty and mystery of nostalgic Las Vegas, enveloped within deep night, the search for love harbors profoundly within. External forces continue to tell us we are too old, too clumsy, not valuable, and at some point, counted out of an equation which is viewed as “real life.”  Our bones and our muscles ache but the true pain is the ache/need for acceptance, for magic and for extraordinary romance.

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Electricity underpins our drive to recognize the truth that we are all beautiful and desirable, irrespective of our age or experience. If rooted in this truth, the yearning to dance effervescently through the Milky Way - no matter our age, no matter how many times people have counted us out, or how the world defines us - allows us to laugh at the days here and the days yet to come.  

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Color Schemes & Lighting

INTERIORS:  Restaurant - Sparkles with deep glamorous blues and hints of romantic golds. Beautiful, dreamlike, nostalgic, longing.  Dance Studio - Shimmers with soft industrial tones and firecracker reds. Passion, fire and insecurity.  

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Color Schemes & Lighting

EXTERIOR:  The lightning infused sky electrifies the dark night illuminated only by the distant canopy of Las Vegas light. Intimate, deep tones of diffused light envelop Lisa, Miller and Diane. Practical headlights used as the only light source during a blackout evoke the power of shared community and magic.


The Team

April Holladay - Filmmaker & Director

Story By / Director

April Holladay is an award-adjacent winning filmmaker, VO artist and producer with 15+ years of experience in narrative films, documentaries and theatre. Known for her love of redemptive themes, each story she brings to life pushes the audience to find what makes the human condition so deep & desperate.


Her short film, Best Idea Ever, was an official selection at the Dam Short Film Festival. April created FuseWire Films to explore stories of hilarity in the darkest moments, heartbreak, fate, chaos, mortality, beauty & nostalgia.


Born and raised in Las Vegas (yes, this actually happens), April received her bachelor degrees in Theater and American Literature from Southern Utah University and attended the Purdue University MFA program in Directing. She currently moonlights as a freelance producer/director for multiple creative agencies.

AMY HEIDISH - Writer & Producer of ELECTRICTY from FuseWire Films


Story By / Writer

Amy Heidish is a native of Huntsville, Alabama and a writer since she was 16. Amy earned a BFA in Motion Picture, Television & Recording Arts at Florida State University. Heidish’s feature film credits include 2 MILLION STUPID WOMEN  (official selection of the Cinequest Film Festival in 2009, debuted on DVD in November of 2010) , A STAR FOR CHRISTMAS (Ion Network, December 2012) and THE TRUTH ABOUT YOU, (DVD and streaming, January 2015).


She created the webseries BECKY & KATE: WORKS IN PROGRESS in 2015, writing all six episodes and directing two of them. The webseries has screened at film festivals across the country. Her contained feature thriller screenplay SCARED LITTLE GIRLS, was a Second Rounder in Austin’s 2016 Screenplay Contest, a Quarter-Finalist in Final Draft’s 2016 Big Break Contest and a Grand Prize Winner in 2016’s Stage 32 Happy Writers Feature Screenplay Contest. Her feature horror screenplay THE 13 CLUB was a Quarter-Finalist in Final Draft’s 2020 Big Break Contest.


Heidish spent over 10 years working in different departments at Warner Bros. Studios, including Script Processing, the Feature Story Department and Theatrical Communications. She currently works as a Producer at Day For Nite, a pre/post visualization studio for feature films, television and games.

Best Idea Ever, Directed by April Holladay, FuseWire Films

Summary:  A vexed girlfriend decides to take matters into her own hands as she attempts to use the night to change her boyfriend into a knight.


Directed By A. Holladay / Written by A. Heidish
Genre:  Comedy / Romance
Run Time: 5min                                            



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Previous Work

“April Holladay (Best Idea Ever) turns in a snappy and clever short that marks her as a filmmaker to watch.”


- Josh Bell, Las Vegas Weekly

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“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. 
Those who don't believe in magic 
will never find it.” 


― Roald Dahl 

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