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Movie camera on a black background with light orange, dark orange, and bright blue flowers

brand creative

"At FuseWire Entertainment, led by Director April Holladay, we bring deep storytelling and vibrant visuals to every project."

Why choose FuseWire Entertainment?


We believe that collaboration is essential to create the most impactful videos. We work closely with clients and visual artists to ensure that every project reflects their vision and goals.

diverse genres
& platforms:

We have experience creating videos across various genres and platforms, including episodic series, feature films, documentaries, and broadcast content. Whatever your project demands, we have the expertise to deliver.


At FuseWire, we understand the power of storytelling. We infuse humor, heart, spectacle, and the human experience into every project, transforming ideas into brilliant pieces of collateral that deeply resonate with audiences.

unique brand
& agency

With over a decade of experience in the corporate content space, April Holladay and the FuseWire team have a creative understanding of both brand and agency perspectives. We know how to effectively communicate your brand message while capturing the essence of your story.

connections through storytelling:

We believe that sharing stories allows us to form connections that inspire change. By sharing your story, we can make your audience think differently, behave differently, and take action.

collaborations include:

3M   |   ESPN   |   American Pharmacists Association (APhA)   |   Stryker   |   Pepsi  |   US Foods   |   Sun West Bank   |

DJO/Enovis   |   Oliver Wyman   |   Martin Brower   |   Shamrock Farms   |   Public Education Foundation   |

Dine Equity-IHOP   |   Dignity Health   |   United Way   |   Caesars Entertainment   |   Johnson & Johnson

* video links and complete corporate list available upon request* 

Movie camera on a black background with light orange, dark orange, and bright blue flowers

services we offer:


Episodic, feature, documentary, and broadcast video productions.


Animation services to add a touch of creativity to your project.

Collaborative approach to ensure your story is authentically represented.


At FuseWire Entertainment, we collaborate with the best artists in the industry to create visually stunning and engaging videos. We can help bring YOUR stories to dazzling fruition.

​Contact us today to get started on your next video project.

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